Italishwara - Lord of Italy

In 1989, Shri Swamiji consecrated a white marble Shiva linga near Venice, Italy, and named it Italishwara, meaning Lord of Italy. The scenes on this edited video were recorded on this occasion.

Shivabalayogi consecrated many lingas and images of gods.  He said it was one of the purposes for which he completed tapas.  These scenes from Italy are unusually beautiful and there are several long shots of Shri Swamiji giving life to the form of Lord Shiva.


Consecration of the Lord of Italy

In 1989, Shivabalayogi accepted an invitation from Italian devotees to visit their ashram near Venice, Italy, and consecrate a Shiva linga.

Although Swamiji consecrated many lingas and idols, this video taken by Steve Zuckerman offers rare glimpses of the great yogi giving life to a stone form.

Shivabalayogi named the white marble linga Italishwara, meaning Lord of Italy.

Meditation Program in Italy

Shivabalayogi's public programs consisted of initiation, meditation and bhajans (spiritual song).

This video taken by Steve Zuckerman was recorded near Venice, Italy, in 1989
during Swamiji's visit to consecrate the Shiva linga Italishwara.