Shivabalayogi:  His Tapas and His Work


Shivabalayogi : His Tapas

Shivabalayogi experienced samadhi (enlightenment) at age 14. For the next eight years he meditated 23 hours every day, then at least 12 hours every day for another four years.  There were periods when he did not return to ordinary consciousness for months at a time.  Such spiritual austerity is called "tapas."

He emerged from his 12-year tapas on August 7, 1961, a fully Self realized yogi.

For the next three decades he traveled throughout India, and from 1988 to 1991 in the West, guiding millions in meditation and giving physical, mental and spiritual healing.

He dropped his physical body in 1994, but his presence even today has a profound effect.

This video is about his 12-year tapas and includes rare photos of him during tapas and color film taken of him in March of 1963.

5:34 minutes

Shivabalayogi : His Work

Shivabalayogi attained Self realization through twelve years of meditation in samadhi (enlightenment).

For three decades he traveled throughout India, then 1988-1991 in the West, making the powers inherent in God realization available to awaken spiritual awareness in others.

His verbal teaching is to encourage us to meditate so we can know the truth for ourselves.

This introduction explains some of the ways he gives blessings and spiritual experiences: darshan (his presence), vibhuti (blessed ash), initiation into meditation, bhajans (spiritual song), bhava samadhi (divine trance) and prashad (blessed food).

6:26 minutes