Shivabalayogi in England, 1989

Video taken in England by Steve Zuckerman in 1989.

England Meditation & Bhajan Programs

Swamiji traveled in order to give his initiation into meditation.  His programs consisted of initiation, an hour of meditation, and an hour of spiritual song (bhajans). T here was no lecture and no teaching -- Swamiji taught through experience.

During the meditation and bhajans, Swamiji is in samadhi. After the arthi (camphor flame) people could go up to him individually and ask for blessings.  Typically he blessed ash (vibhuti) for mental and physical healing.

These scenes are typical of the meditation programs Swamiji conducted in the West.  Some were small groups, others large.  They were held in private homes, bookstores, community centers, meditations centers, churches and temples.  All were advertised and open to the general public and there was never any charge.

14:11 minutes.

Swamiji, Please Come to My House

Video taken in London, 1989, of Swamiji visiting devotees’ homes and giving darshan.

Particularly sweet are his expressions during animated conversations, and Swamiji tossing prashad, blessed fruit, before taking his leave.

5:39 minutes.








Heathrow Airport

This video taken at Heathrow Airport in July of 1989.  Shivabalayogi leaves London to return to India after touring the USA, UK, and visiting Venice.

One of the fascinating things to watch about Swamiji in public places was how few people took notice of him.  He stood out obviously: short, dark, long arms and oddly shaped fingers, wearing only a shawl and tennis shoes. If that was not enough, he was surrounded by devotees. Y et the general public never “saw” him.

Swamiji explained that just to look at him (darshan) could change a person, and that should happen only if a person sought him out or if there was some other connection.  Otherwise, it was not right for him to go in public and change people who had not wanted. Somehow, he used his powers to remain as if invisible in public.

4:10 minutes.