Picnic at Cauvery River



Picnic at Cauvery River

Shivabalayogi often enjoyed outings with devotees, particularly after ashram functions.  After the August 7, tapas anniversary function at the Bangalore ashram, Shri Swamiji asked devotees to organize a three-day outing along the Cauvery (Kaveri) River on Karnataka.  Three busloads full accompanied Swamiji bathing in the acred river at Sangam, Sri Ranga Pattana and at the source, Talakaveri in the Western Ghats.  Along the way, Swamiji and devotees were hosted to picnics, dinners and lodging.


Picnic at Cauvery River - 1

Sangam, some 190 kilometers from Bengaluru (Bangalore) in the south of Karnataka state is at the confluence of three rivers: the Cauvery, Lokapavani and Hemavati. 

It was where Shivabalayogi and his devotees first bathed during their three-day outing along the Cauvery River.

Picnic at Cauvery River - 2

The traditional source of the Cauvery (Kaveri) Rive is a spring called Talakaveri located on Brahmagiri (Brahma Hill) at about 4,186 feet (1276 m.) in the Western Ghats of southern Karnataka State.

There is a small shrine by the tank (reservoir) that collects water from the spring.

These scenes are of Swamiji and devotees bathing in the tank, doing puja by the spring itself, then walking uphill to the temple.

Picnic at Cauvery River - 3

Srirangapatna on the Cauvery River is about 14 km. from Mysore and was where Shivabalayogi and devotees bathed for the third time during their three-day outing of August of 1992.

Scenes include a picnic breakfast for devotees followed by bathing in the river.


Picnic at Cauvery River - 4
Picnic Lunch and Darshan

Devotees are served a picnic lunch and enjoy Shivabalayogi's darshan to complete their three-day excursion to the Cauvery River.