Shivabalayogi in Adivarapupeta 1963



Shivabalayogi in Adivarapupeta
March of 1963

Edited from two reels of 8mm color films recorded in Adivarapupeta in March of 1963.  These are the earliest movies we have of Shivabalayogi.  They were taken around the time of Mahashivaratri and shortly before Shivabalayogi left Adivarapupeta for the first time to begin three decades of travel throughout India, then in the West.

Shivabalayogi Divine Shiva Yogi Come to Me

We see the place by the Godavari River canal where 14-year-old Sathyaraju experienced samadhi (enlightenment) and was made to sit in tapas – 23 hours a day meditating in samadhi.  We also see the Dhyana Mandir, the meditation temple in which Shivabalayogi spent the last ten of his twelve years of tapas, and where he consecrated Ardhanarishwara linga and an idol of Parvati Devi.

The films also show Shivabalayogi in procession with his mother, Parvatamma Allaka, through Adivarapupeta village, and many, many scenes of bhava samadhi – divine trance.

Most amazing are scenes of Shivabalayogi in samadhi inside the ashram building – and when he opens his eyes.

The original films have no soundtrack.  The bhajans “Shivayogideva Ravela” (Divine Shiva Yogi Come to Me) and “Om Namah Shivaya” were recorded in Adivarapupeta in 1994.  The procession sound was also recorded in Adivarapupeta, in March of 1994 when Shivabalayogi entered in procession for his final return in his physical body.

18:34 minutes