Anantapur Ashram, 1982



Shivabalayogi at the Anantapur Ashram
October, 1982

Anantapur is in the state of Andhra Pradesh, several hours by road north of Bangalore.  Swamiji used to visit this city as part of his tours between Bangalore and Adivarapupeta.

We have almost three hours of video taken on the occasion in October of 1982 when Swamiji consecrated the red colored linga that he named Anantishwara, Lord of Infinity, an idol of the Divine Mother whom he named Anantishwari Devi, idols of Subramanyan and his two wives, and an idol of Swamiji himself.

It was during this visit to the Anantapur ashram that some of the most wonderful images of Shivabalayogi were recorded:  Swamiji singing extemporaneously about the gods.

Bhajans & Bhava Samadhi, Anantapur 1982

Bhava samadhi (spiritual trance) during bhajans (spiritual song) in the presence of Shivabalayogi at his ashram in Anantapur.

Particularly graceful is the dancing of one young man in the bhava of Nataraja, Shiva in the form of the Cosmic Dancer.  This young man in Nataraja bhava had the reputation of the most graceful and beautiful dancing of anyone in bhava samadhi.  He had been drawn, even compelled, to attend the weekly bhajans in Anantapur where he became immersed in trance — bhava samadhi.  This was no small matter as he and his family were Muslim.  He was beaten by the men in his family in their attempt to keep him from attending the “Hindu” bhajan parties.

Devotees close to Swamiji would say that Swamiji was quite particular about who got Shiva bhava.  Shiva, after all, is Swamiji’s guru.  This young man got the trance of Shiva.

One also can see a trance swami burning camphor on his tongue, then swallowing it, a not uncommon display during the powerful trances that Shivabalayogi evoked.

3:56 minutes.

Shivabalayogi Singing, Anantapur

Swamiji enjoyed singing extemporaneously, often making up verses on his Divine Guru, Lord Shiva, or Divine Mother, or other gods.

This is a portion of a song that he sang for the video camera at the Anantapur ashram in October of 1982.

5:43 minutes








Some Background to this Video

Shivabalayogi traveled to Anantapur immediately after undergoing kaya kalpa in Adivarapupeta.  Kaya kalpa is an ancient and very rigorous ayurvedic rejuvenation technique using specially prepared herbs and requiring the patient to meditate in samadhi in complete isolation in a dark, cool, and quiet place.  Tapaswiji Maharaj had undergone the process three times and lived for at least 185 years.  Each time he began an old man and came out young, hale and healthy.  Swamiji had learned of kaya kalpa from Tapaswiji and one of Tapaswiji’s disciples, Narayan Das, prepared and administered the medicine for Swamiji.

Adivarapupeta is neither quiet or cool or quiet.  Although Swamiji remained secluded for some forty days, the appropriate conditions were not possible and the strict regimen was not maintained.  He was given water instead of milk and he had a bad reaction. He became very sick and his body was so weak that it had to be lifted and carried. His long, heavy matted hair (jata) was getting in the way, so it was cut off.

After completion of tapas, one was supposed to rest. Swamiji immediately left by car for Anantapur, a drive of some 860 km (over 500 miles).  He intended to consecrate a Shiva lingam at the Anantapur ashram, which he did on October 10, 1982.  This video was taken during that visit.