Om Guru Sharanam




Om Guru Sharanam
Surrender to the Universal Lord

Om Guru Sharanam 

Sri Guru sharanam namo namo namo --
Sadguru ... Shri Shri Guru ... Atma Guru ... Ishta Guru ... Shiva Guru ... Buddha Guru ... Jesus Guru ... Allah Guru

Blessed Lord, I surrender, I surrender unto Thee -
Lord of Truth ... Lord & Master ... Lord of My Soul ... Formless One in All Thy Forms ... Shiva Lord ... Buddha Lord ... Jesus Lord ... Allah Lord ...Lord of the Universe, I surrender unto Thee

Produced by Elisha Faith Rose.  Recorded 1990 at Fresh Tracks, Portland & J.B. Recordings, Seattle.  22 minutes.

Above: Practice before the recording session. L to R: Donashman Adamaitis on tabla; behind him Ken Rose; Faith Rose; Kalyani Briggs; Daya Ram Briggs on harmonium.

Right: Photo taken during the Seattle  recording session
for Om Guru Sharanam shows the edge of a light body on the right side.

   DOWNLOAD recording (22 minutes, 2.7 MB wma file, so be patient)

This project is a gift of deep devotion from these dedicated and gifted souls:

Azul Amey — vocals

Daya Ram Briggs — vocals, harmonium

Donashman Adamaitis — tabla

Elisha Faith Rose — music arrangement, vocals

Gary Haggerty — violin

Kalyani — vocals

Rebecca LaMontha — vocals


Rik Masterson — instrumental arrangement, vocals, sitar, tabla, tamboura

Rocky Blumhagen — vocals

Sarasvati Meg Walsh — harmony arrangement, vocals

Shakti Harrison — guitar

Terry Cook — cello

Terry Rahm — vocals

Produced by Elisha Faith Rose.  Associate Producer Doneshman Julian Adamaitis.

Original cassette cover design by Wes Wait

Special thanks to Ken Shanti Rose for his loving support.

Produced at Fresh Tracks, Portland, and J.B. Recordings, Seattle.