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Bangalore bhajans Prabhu Balaisha
Recorded at the Bangalore ashram in 1993.

Swamiji loved the Bangalore bhajan group very much.  Swamiji told them to come and practice every evening at the Bannerghatta ashram.  These people had to work on the looms.  Every day they would work until half past five, then they would come by bus to the ashram, and do bhajans there for one hour.  These were Swamiji’s instructions. If the bus was still running, they would go home by bus.  Otherwise, they would have to walk the whole distance, about four miles.

While they were at the ashram,  Swamiji would call them inside, the doors would be closed, and they would have private darshan.  Swamiji would chat with them very nicely.  He would often stretch his legs out and they would even have a chance to massage his legs and feet.  They used to be so close to him. 


Bangalore bhajansOm Namah Shivaya
Recorded at the Bangalore ashram in 1993.

Wherever Swamiji was invited in and around the Bangalore area, he would call the Bangalore bhajan group to accompany him.  They would do bhajans, and that attracted the people of the local area around the house.  People would come in big groups, and the bhajans evoked great devotion.

Swamiji very clearly told the Bangalore bhajan group about the importance of the bhajans and singing with devotion.  It is only through his tapas shakti, the power he attained through tapas, that the bhajan group plays bhajans, devotees get bhava samadhi, and meditation is given.  Bhajans encourage people to get the attitude of devotion, and that encourages them to do the meditation.

  1. shuklambharadhram vishnum (chant) (1:30)

  2. ganesha bhajan (8:07)

  3. prabhu balaisha (9:11)

  4. om bhagavan (6:46)

  5. shiva shiva shankara (6:02)

  6. jaya gurudeva shivabalayogi (7:03)

  7. balayogidevara (7:19)

  8. shambho mahadeva (8:06)

  9. sri parvati deva shiv om (7:48)

  10. namo namo nataraja namo (3:56)

  11. arati ki jai balayogi ki (5:06)


  1. balashivayogisha (8:24)

  2. sri shivayogindra deva (10:19)

  3. ananda sagara (2:00)

  4. shambho hara hara shambho (9:49)

  5. sri guru (8:31)

  6. om namah shivaya (8:37)

  7. sri balayogisha (7:08)

  8. om hrim srim kleem ainkara rupini (7:22)

  9. asato ma (chant) (1:08)

  10. arathi gaikona rava (Adivarapupeta arthi) (3:55)

  11. arati ki jai balayogi ki (Bangalore arthi) (4:27)