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K. Yashoda, Adivarapupeta  —  “You have collected every single detail told by Swamiji during His time and you have combined nicely with the life history of Swamiji.  It is wonderful!  . . .  The same stories of Swamiji’s childhood told by Sri Swamiji himself heard so many times in Swamiji’s room, makes so much of difference when it comes in print in between his life history.  It makes the history perfect.”

“The period of tapas is described in detail as though you have witnessed personally.  It makes the reader follow along with Swamiji as though we ourselves are doing the tapas and undergoing all the difficulties Swamiji underwent.  The description about bhava is great.  It is the most nice way one could explain.”

“I wonder how you have expressed in detail the visit of our gurudev to Dehradun ashram, and the pranks he plays on devotees, and his moods, and the early morning walking on the mountain, and the massage, and distributing food in Dehradun. Everything is felt special there, and you have brought out nicely so that by reading the book I myself started enjoying the presence of Swamiji in Dehradun.”

“And again, Swamiji in Bangalore ashram and the detailed account of functions of Bangalore is wonderful.  You haven’t missed even a single detail about Bangalore functions.  I felt and started enjoying in mind the happiest moments we had with Swamiji in Bangalore by reading in this book.  I feel that there is a power in your writing which makes us enjoy Sri Swamiji’s Holy Presence even now by reading this book.”

“The sections of questions and answers are wonderful.  Though it is written in the language of English, you brought out the full expression that we enjoy in Telugu by conversing with Swamiji.  Without Swamiji’s grace you could not have done this.”

Prof. P.N. Murthy, India (author of Swamiji's biography in Telugu and currently translating The Yoga Vasistha, the first volume of which has been published in India)  “Thanks for the excellently produced Divine Play. I must congratulate for the way you have occupied the delightful niche of being the biographer of Swamiji. The Epilogue and Prologue very nicely describe between them the essence and spiritual content of Swamiji’s Life and Mission.”

Jay & Gabriele Mazo, USA  —  “You make the book interesting, inspiring, and attention grabbing.  The reader feels so involved that he can't put down the book. . . . With your intense devotion to Swamiji, a really fascinating book was produced. Bravo!!!”

“You really did a great job in putting in all those beautiful pictures of Swamiji throughout the book.  The print, binding, and paper quality is superior to any Indian edition.” “. . .This is the best book that I have read on any yogi. You really get tuned into Swamiji's living presence by reading this inspired book.”

Rajesh Walia, India  —  “Each page has its divine play of my master, as I open it, page by page it comes out through my eyes in form of tears. I can feel the strong-very strong presence of his holiness. . . . It is miraculous book, and I tell you this book itself will bring many miracles in the world.”

“Right from the cover page which shows like all the devotees are emerging from his holiness to every page, the selection of placing the photos are also done fantastically.”

Germaine Gray, USA & —  “I am thoroughly enjoying your book Divine Play.”

Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi, Dehradun, India  —  “Baba has deeply appreciated your dedicated work on Swamiji, through which, from time to time, you have made lot of things about our beloved Swamiji available to devotees, like photos, videos, books etc.”

Divine Play of our beloved Swamiji is a wonderful work and we will definitely pass on the information to devotees . . . I am enjoying reading it.  Yes, Swamiji has definitely blessed you to make His things available to devotees.  He gave a special experience to each devotee.”

D. S. Walia, Delhi   —  “I am very much impressed by this great Holy Book. Firstly, by its name, then by its beautiful look . . . its contents, especially the chapter “Mahasamadhi", devotees' experiences, questions and their answers by Swamiji himself. It is a great, great book in all respects and very easy to understand a yogi, Swamiji, and his mission.”

Erika Holderith, USA  —  “I find this book to be excellent in both content and style.  Tom Palotas has created a mature and well-written book that offers both knowledge and inspiration. . . . I strongly advise anyone to read this remarkable work.”

Balaji Balasubramaniam, Singapore  —  “Shiva Bala Yogi is amongst the greatest Yogis who have blessed this earth with their existence.  The purpose of this book is to offer a mere glimpse of His Glory and Life so that the reader can come in touch with this Great Master.”

Chandra Das, Singapore  —  “I have not known of another book in modern times which offers such a concise and comprehensive account of what it means to be really on the Spiritual Path. . . . Meditation is indeed the way to reach the Truth and this book, I daresay, provides an authoritative guide on the Divine Yogi who has made it possible for the multitudes to find It regardless of the Path they follow!”

Sally Moburg, USA  —  “What a wonderful book you have written! It is now being passed around Fairfield.  It was so heartwarming, for me, to remember so many of the lovely, beautiful experiences with Swamiji, along with so many new ones.  My gosh, how utterly blessed we were, and are!  I could actually hear Swamiji's voice, or see him, in so many of the things you wrote about.  Thank you, thank you, for the effort and time taken in this book. . . .and no doubt a great blessing for you.”